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Non-profit organization


Waldensian self-help association

for the promotion of Swiss wines and winegrowers 

Support for humanitarian & development aid projects





An associative innovation for which several people pool,

on a permanent basis, their knowledge & skills in order to

to promote our beautiful Swiss wine regions& its tastings.


The activities with our various partners aim to share these benefits with associations & foundations which today reveal new needs on Swiss territory, it also supports humanitarian projects independently.& help in their development beyond our borders .

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing.

with us this great human adventure. 

Angelique Werner. President of the Association Vinaction

If you too would like to participate in one of our events, meet us or simply support  the Vinaction Association 

Make a donation


Do you have professional equipment that you wish to replace or sell? 

Do you also contribute to the achievement

new projects!

"By making our light sparkle, we offer others the opportunity to do the same"      _cc7581905 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Nelson Mandela

Today... near you

A vocational training center is being prepared

Puidoux: Fall 2022


We now have in our premises many accessories, computer equipment, books etc... in order to advance the different education systems in developing countries, to enrich schools & to build centers there. of training.

Complete hairdressing salon for the creation of a training center.

Screens, towers, keyboards, printers
& various office supplies.

Hundreds of books in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish to enrich school libraries.

Educational games for the little ones.

depot livre.jpg


depot coiffure.jpg
depot ordinateur.jpg

Donations of IT equipment in Lausanne- Switzerland


For the start of the 2022 school year, Vinaction has just made computer equipment available to children to carry out their exploitation projects. MakeFest courses offer children from the age of 10 the opportunity to learn how to create video games themselves. Objectives include/

  • to use a computer efficiently & securely

  • learn the tools & concepts of programming

  • practice problem solving & solution design

  • collaborate remotely with other participants

We wish them lots of fun & success.

Volon'Tourism in Vietnam

A few hundred kilometers traveled in southern Vietnam. From Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang, via the Cân Toh countryside, to see stars appear in the eyes & unforgettable smiles on the faces of children benefiting from school supplies, educational games and other toys._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


"The language of the heart does not need words to be understood, it is written in the eyes."  Sophie Cottin


Leo Vietnam.jpg

Auvergne Humanitarian Pharmacists Medical Equipment

An invaluable gift

in this time of pandemic.

A convoy of medical equipment made available by PHAMM from Clermont-Ferrand in France was sent to the Paul Darboux Foundation bound for Cotonou in Benin.


Re-education material

Matériel médical.jpg

Response to Covid-19

Africa : Remind-You !

Lack of financial means, not always a hospital

nearby, has unsanitary premises

& dilapidated, deteriorated & used equipment...

At least million surgical cases not treated by AN in Sub-Saharan Africa

Children need surgical care before the age of 15

People are deprived of surgical care

Doctors on average per 10,000 inhabitants against 32

in Europe

Source: World Health Organization & Mercy ships Association

Matériel médical 2.jpg
Benevoles_2019 phamm.png

Help in Cambodia

Restocking basic necessities, Phnom Penh orphanage


Cambodia is one of the least developed countries in Southeast Asia. With a population of 16 million, it is the country with the most orphanages in the world. A structural & fulfilling living space that can accommodate approx. 50 children in order to follow a sustainable schooling with a view to their social integration.

The reception structures offer: accommodation, food, education & medical care.

Orphelinat cambodge phnom penh 1.jpeg

Almost half a century after the tragic history of the Khmer Rouge...

Establishments are active but according to UNICEF, there are 400
(approx. 50,000 residents) many of whom are not registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Of the rural population lives in a context of multidimensional poverty, children are the first victims of this poverty.

A thousand children are out of school.

Orphanage only out of 10 is financed by the state, the others have to rely on donations.

Source: &

Orphelinat cambodge 2.jpg
Orphelinat cambodge phnom penh.jpeg

Gregory Lemarchal Association

Volunteering,   awareness day in an elementary school in Diemerigen.


In order to help young children to better understand the complexity of cystic fibrosis & to adopt a conciliatory attitude towards a friend suffering from this serious incurable genetic disease, the most common in France.

A release of white balloons is organized in memory of Grégory Lemarchal.


And followed by a support concert, organized by Pierre Lemarchal, President & Papa, performing the most beautiful songs of Serges Lama.


Association Gregory lemarchal.jpg

To date, approximately 5 million euros have been donated to research, he reminded us that:

"Our son was singing, write the story, I suggest you write one of the most beautiful pages with us today, to join your values to ours and to show that together, we can refuse to endure the world but can on the contrary, change the course"  P.L

Association Dreams France

Volunteering,  day "Anniversary 15 Years" of the Dreams Association in Lyon.



A day full of colors & rich in emotions, entertainment, rewarding activities, treats & concerts etc...

Many artists such as Dany Brillant, Kenza Farah, Amel Bent, various rappers have come to show their support for the greatest happiness & joy of these young children who surpass themselves every day to fight the disease with exemplary courage.


John Joos

The Association that makes the dreams of seriously ill children or in remission come true

Children made their dreams come true.

Dreams realized in 2020, with an average of 250 dreams realized per year, fully funded by donations.

Years of Action, 30 departmental delegations & 800 volunteers.

Rêves is recognized as being of public utility by the decree of October 16, 2017.

Association anniversaire 15 ANS Reve france Lyon.jpg

" In February 1994, and more particularly, on Saturday February 5, it was a meeting between 7 friends, a metal sugar box in which each one poured 50 francs all this to build a lot of hope and motivation in order to allow very seriously ill children to surpass themselves, to overcome the disease, to rediscover their identity as children and above all to be the Hero of their story! "

  Josiane Gonnot, President of the Dreams Association

Small actions & big men

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