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Angel werner Passionnement vin



for the world of wine & tasting, 

people often ask me how I chose my profession




Sometimes I have answering:


"Like Obelix, I fell into the barrel when I was little". 


And yet, that's not exactly what it was... although it could have been !!!

But I can suspect that the 3 vines, the wine press in the garden, the barrel in the cellar & my grandfather himself passed on a little of his passion for wine to me. 

After graduating in 2002, I obtained my additional qualification in sommellerie at the European training centre in Illkirch-Graffenstaden and worked part-time at the L'Arnsbourg restaurant in Baerenthal, under the management of Cathy and Jean-Georges Klein, which was awarded its 3rd Michelin star that same year, making it one of France's top 22 restaurants.

Independent by nature, I decided to embark on the great adventure of entrepreneurship in Switzerland in January 2014. Self-taught, I began by promoting local wines to hotel and restaurant owners in French, German and Italian-speaking Switzerland. In 2016, we will be adding 600 new wines to our range, including around 250 Bordeaux wines (a total of 1,800 positions in different vintages and containers).

Prospecting, advice and sales are part of my daily routine. Motivation, desire and the desire to share winning sales strategies have come on top of a great deal of work on restructuring wine cellars, coaching and professional training.

In the course of the same year, this became the subject of the creation of an S.N.C. (limited liability company).

Co-founder of 'L'atelier Oeno'ludique', in association with Constance Helbecque, oenological engineer in Riex. Our big project: to make wine accessible to everyone. Our idea is to pass on simplified methods for learning about wine and wine tasting through fun, interactive games. Commissioned by clients from all backgrounds and walks of life, we offer a unique and innovative concept for young and old alike, from simple entertainment to turnkey evenings (for birthdays, company outings, tailor-made events: venue, catering, etc.), not forgetting introductory courses (e.g. for individuals undergoing professional retraining) and modules designed for employees of foreign restaurants to learn more about local wines. Montreux - Vevey Tourisme also placed its trust in us for the summer season in 2016). Together we developed this activity over 3 years, and today she manages the workshop alone.

Having travelled tens of thousands of kilometres, exploring friendly little village bistros and renowned luxury hotels, the year 2020 has more than upset our diaries. Between the closure of establishments and the closure of borders, many professionals have swapped their suits for plastic boots to lend their support to the winegrowers. The restrictions linked to the health situation have given way to new opportunities, such as familiarising ourselves with the work in the vineyard or the cellar, a godsend... Something we could hardly follow, for lack of time, during a traditional year. 

As far as I'm concerned, my activities are almost unchanged, and I do mean almost!I've taken advantage of this new year (2021) to review all my media, adapt them to new trends and also... carry out some of the projects that are close to my heart, because the world of wine has many things to offer us & its share of surprises... sometimes unsuspected.

Patrick & Reski have also joined me in developing our non-profit association VINACTION. The idea of creating my own self-help association is the fruit of a career as a volunteer keen to improve the lives of human beings while personalising & diversifying its activities around Swiss wine. Starting from the observation that precariousness is not necessarily to be found at the other end of the world, I wanted to be sure that the funds went essentially to those who really need it. We attach considerable importance to the quality and morality of the associations and foundations we support. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for sharing this great human adventure with us.

Creation of the 1st online gift shop dedicated exclusively to the world of wine*.

*Privatised and all-inclusive wine-tourism experiences and breaks. 

Professional skills certificate: Intuitive & geo-sensory tasting. Level 1.

Training by Franck Thomas, Meilleur ouvrier de France- Meilleur sommelier d'Europe & Revue des vins de France Academy.








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