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The more the world becomes globalised and standardised, the more we want to experience something authentic when we go to a restaurant. Whether we stop off for a few hours with friends or for a business meal, there's nothing more thrilling than to feel the soul of a place, to be impressed by its cuisine & to feel the vibe of someone who has chosen their profession out of passion.

Each of us offers one or more unique experiences through service: the human touch.


We are a movement as much as a company & we are constantly seeking to develop, improve & progress, and we each have our own way of teaching.

The role of the sommelier is to pass on new knowledge simply and quickly, to help you exploit the full potential of your staff & to make the most of the skills that satisfy your customers on a daily basis. 


A sommelier at your fingertips...

Your sommelier will come to you "when and where" you want!

However, 5 steps are essential & necessary to quickly reach your objectives.


Benefit from the expertise and support of a professional in just one click.

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THE  5 steps



We share a moment in the "field", we analyse together the different habits & we rectify those which can be prejudicial, we optimise our profitability & we increase our sales significantly.


Together, we will develop or restructure your menu, reflecting your professionalism in order to win over your customers and increase your chances of selling.


By investing a little time in your personal development, you can quickly and simply learn the basics of how to talk about wine and become more at ease with your customers.


We reorganise your cellar, your spaces,to make them more accessible, easier to manage and save your team time.



We rely on modern, innovative concepts! Discover the power of digitalisation, a luxury accessible to all & designed to make your daily life easier, to be supervised from far or near with just one click.

Table gastronomique

The aim of Passionnément'Vin
To make life easier for restaurateur

Thanks to selected, high-quality partners with many years' experience in their field of expertise.

Together we develop solutions to help you work faster and more efficiently.

Passionnément'Vin is the ideal partner for...

Passing on knowledge


Pass on basic knowledge of wine and wine tasting and learn to use a professional vocabulary. Respond effectively to a customer seeking information.


Completing what has been learnt

Review the fundamental principles of service & correct any bad habits, broaden your skills & develop new sales forces.

Being a professional in the field

Approach your customer proactively, save time during your service, satisfy your customer by avoiding making mistakes from start to finish.

Working better as part of a team


Maintaining a respectful attitude between colleagues, considering & adapting teamwork, adding value & standing out from the competition.

Boost your sales

Stimulate & motivate your staff, train them & apply sales techniques adapted to your business & meet your expectations & those of your customers.

Gaining ease

Invest in your staff's potential, become more at ease so that you can enjoy your service more and work more harmoniously.


To help you set up your new concept and give you the tools you need to communicate effectively and attract new customers.  Use innovative, high-performance management software.

Getting organised

Adapt your organisation to the whole team. A team that feels good is a loyal and committed team.They represent you and help you develop your business.

Other drinks

Learn about the classics and other drinks, master their services and inspire your staff to offer and sell them.

Contact US

Would you like to tell me about your project, obtain further information, or find out about my availability?

Since spring 2021, for each event, creation of a cuvée & bottle opened during a tasting or training session:

Passionnément'vin will donate 1 chf to the
Vinaction Association.
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