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Service à la carte

Professional sommeliers are on hand to help you put together the ideal menu for your restaurant

Your wine list

A real treasure hunt for some, or a major headache for others. Putting together a wine list is never an easy task. Sometimes a few tips and advice are all it takes to put it in the spotlight.


A good wine list, carefully and methodically put together, helps you to sell better, to offer your customers added value, it must be able to seduce them to give them satisfaction, please your customers, a first step towards building loyalty.


It guarantees the long-term future of your establishment by significantly increasing your turnover.

You, Us & your wine list

In 2019, according to Gastroconsult, beverages generated 35.2% of sales, with wine alone accounting for 12% (average for all restaurants).

Your wine list & that of other drinks could do with a little more attention, but you don't have enough time & your establishment doesn't have a sommelier. And yet, your wine list, just like your food list, is your working tool; it's a reflection of your establishment & essential to its smooth running.

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The role of a sommelier is to help you draw up professional, clear and understandable lists that comply with the law.

Your wine list in the hands of an expert

It takes time & deserves patience, 'because you don't build a cellar, you build your cellar'. Just like your menu, it's a living and constantly evolving thing. As the seasons go by, it adapts to the different habits of your customers, but it will quickly become a reflection of the person who created it and the one who will know how to sublimate your dishes.


It is a major asset in the development of your business & it is at the heart of all your professional interactions.

Passionnément'vin offers a wide range of services to suit your establishment: philosophy, brigade, culinary style, capacity...


Find out why the sommelier plays such a valuable role in your establishment.

Build your wine list

Balanced: reference, price, vintage...

Varied: style, complementarity, grape variety...

Coherent: geographical location, menu, establishment...


Select references

And if you need us to, we'll find you new Swiss and foreign references to match your restaurant, your menu & the season.

Create your own style

Get rid of monotony: put your own stamp on it so you don't end up with a homogenous card that 'looks like everyone else's'.

Restructuring & developing it

Maintain a lively wine list that stimulates your customers with special wines, curiosities and new bottles...

Getting off the beaten track 

Take them on a journey, surprise them! Switzerland has more than 60 A.O.C. wines and no fewer than 250 different grape varieties.

Evaluate your wines


Sell your nuggets from here or elsewhere at an attractive & acceptable price, or risk not selling them at all, adopt a modern pricing policy!

Managing staff turnover

And get rid of "orphans" or wines that don't sell / are no longer selling.

Boost your sales

Wines by the glass: a very popular concept! The sommelier will tell you more about depreciation and loss than anyone else.

Other drinks

Not insignificant but sometimes forgotten, they deserve to gain visibility, be promoted and make your customers want to buy them.

Other services on offered...

Would you like to broaden your selection of foreign wines, build up a prestigious list of spirits and teas?


We have a network of qualified partners at our disposal, all driven by the same goal: customer satisfaction.

Contact US

Would you like to tell me about your project, obtain further information, or find out about my availability?

Since spring 2021, for each event, creation of a cuvée & bottle opened during a tasting or training session:

Passionnément'vin will donate 1 chf to the
Vinaction Association.
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