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Our Wine Tastings

What does Passionnément'vin have to offer?

Host wine-themed evenings in a partner establishment (Hotel, Bar & Restaurant...)

By offering your guests a tasting of 3 to 5 high-quality wines selected from our partner winegrowers in Switzerland. 

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What type of wines are we talking about?

As diverse and varied as possible, depending on what you want and what's available, since some wines are sometimes produced in very limited numbers, but in general you'll taste: a chasselas, a white speciality, a rosé depending on the season, a light red wine matured in vats and a second in barrels, as well as sparkling, sweet and orange wines.

Our wines can be conventional, biodynamic or organic, but we also offer natural wines.

Our wines come from the different wine-growing regions of Switzerland: French-speaking Switzerland, German-speaking Switzerland and Italian-speaking Switzerland are all represented. We look forward to stimulating your taste buds and helping you discover this great diversity.

How do I prepare for the evening?

Once the date of our event has been set, our wines are delivered directly to your home.

We also take care to prepare the communication materials you need to ensure the evening runs smoothly. They are sent by e-mail to be printed and placed in your cards or on your tables. 

A meeting is scheduled on the day of the tasting to take stock of the situation and enable your team to answer any questions you may have.

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How is the evening organised?

"Let's talk wine and drink wine

Once the wines have been tasted, guests can order their favourites by the glass or bottle and enjoy them at the table.


If they wish, they can also place an order with the winemaker and have it delivered directly to their home.

For each bottle, CHF 1 is donated to the Vinaction Association to support new humanitarian projects.

What happens next?

The wine promotion continues for a month or two after the event, but rarely lasts just one evening.

Some wines may be placed on deposit & in order to make this promotion a success, I will accompany you and make myself available as often as necessary.

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1 Bottle  = 1 CHF donated to Vinaction
Since spring 2021, for each event, creation of a cuvée & bottle opened during a tasting or training session:

Passionnément'vin will donate 1 chf to the
Vinaction Association.
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