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Your wine cellar

Have a check-up...

You don't have a sommelier & yet the wine list is a daily job. There are many ways of making up for this lack of time, but it inevitably ends up being felt in your CAVE.


All too often neglected, it ends up scaring off visitors and can even affect your bottom line. Sometimes it deteriorates & sometimes it even spoils your wines without you even noticing.

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A sommelier at your fingertips will show you how to keep your cellar clean, tidy and up to date, and inspire your staff to continue looking after it.

Management & Organisation...a positive impact every day

You've finished restructuring your wine list. You now have a more precise idea of the wines you are going to sell, those you want to keep for your banquets, those you would like to offer by the glass, etc...

Now you need to organise your space, tidy up your cellar meticulously, find a logical order for you and your staff, organise your racks, your cellar of the day, your refrigerated drawers...


The role of a sommelier is to help you make sure your cellar reflects your menu, save your team time and make restocking easier.


Save time

Enable your staff to act more quickly and therefore be available more often for your customers.

Constant temperature

Serve another bottle at the same temperature, your cellar of the day & your fridges are full.

Empty racks

So that we don't end up with "orphan" bottles, which are no longer on the menu & which will no longer sell.

Don't make mistakes

Avoid going back to the cellar because it's not the vintage the customer has chosen or it's not the right label.

Keeping your energy up

Don't have to look in every nook and cranny
& always find the right bottle in the right place.

Filling up

In the blink of an eye, you'll know what you need to fill according to requests & your sales.

Easy ordering

No more searching, you know exactly what you need to order, so you don't have to worry about excess.

Open wines

Find only open... wines for sale & that don't end up in the kitchen or at the bottom of the sink.

No old surprises

What doesn't sell... sells !!! Nothing goes to waste, even for other drinks we find solutions.

Other services on offer ...

Need to renew your accessories: glasses, carafe, bucket ...


Your cellar of the day needs replacing?


Have you noticed any problems with your cellar: temperature, humidity or cellar too dry?


We have a network of qualified partners to help you improve the quality of your services.

Contact US

Would you like to tell me about your project, obtain further information, or find out about my availability?

Since spring 2021, for each event, creation of a cuvée & bottle opened during a tasting or training session:

Passionnément'vin will donate 1 chf to the
Vinaction Association.
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